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Friday, February 13, 2009

Olli3s SAB Trainer V5

Well , when Mariomansp said we were done making trainers , I think he forgot me.
V5 PUBLIC is released. Has all hacks from previous version, and some more.

Speed Hack - Run REALLY Fast
Anti-Lag - Anti-Lag
Set Weapon - Set Your Weapon!
GodMode I - Never Die
Color Hack - Set Your Color
Red Name - Self Explanitory
Blue Name - Self Explanitory
Black Name - Self Explanitory
Name Hack - Set Your Name
Weapon Hax - Set your WEAPON
Client-Sided Rank Change - Custom rank w/ Rank chart
Change Speed - Set Your Speed
Speed Hack - Go Fast!
Mouse Vac - Be sucked to the mouse!
Teleport To Mouse - Teleport to the mouse!
Change Game Link - Change The Games Link if it gets patched
GodMode II - Never Get Hit!
GodMode III - Never Get Hit!
GodMode IV - Never Get HIT!
ReLoadHax - Shoot Like CRAZY!
Zombie Mode - Die , then press this , activate GodMode , and walk around Very Happy
Suicide - Press this -- Then die after 3 seconds
Instant Respawn - Respawn INSTANTLY
Respawn were died - Respawn where you died!
No IE Pop-Up: Down allow IE to pop-up! *cred to CrisNMP*
Go To Lobby in QuickPlay - Get in the Lobby!
Spam #1 - Spam for me!
Spam #2 - Spam For me!
Custom Spam - Spam whatever ya want!
THE BEST Anti-Lag: Don't Lag!
SWF Options - Need to fix the SWF? Click it!
Mouse Vac Options - Need to adjust the Mouse Vac? CLICK IT!


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Download V5 PUBLIC


Anonymous said...

i like the haxs and stuff but the ReLoad hax dont work

Anonymous said...

said lisence expired when i tried to run it

dragon said...

hey ollie3 i need a favor how do you get all of your hacks i need variables email me
oh yeah i have hacks for sab too!!

Password owned said...

Hey this is password,owned. Olli3 one day on xat u said there was a new strategy for Sab trainers. Please email me it ic it still wrks. Thx

Anonymous said...

license expired :(

Pyroguy said...

ummm... it says i need a newer version of .NET framework... how do i get this?

Anonymous said...

to get the .net just google .net framework download, also olli when i open it it says smartassembly expires, is this to do with the download or my computer?

Anonymous said...

there's no download link, wtf?

Anonymous said...

yeah wtf! how do i download

Anonymous said...

SAB doesn't load in the main screen when I open it. Is that because they patched it? I have flash player 10 and all of that stuff.

Anonymous said...

hey my trainer works but speed hack, custon speed hack,reload, weapon hack, set username, set ranks/kills,set street cred, and ghost mode don't work. and i want it to work so could you send me something at

Anonymous said...

i downloaded it but it doesnt wor k da screen is friggin white n it stays dat way why?????