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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SAB trainer by YoungDragon

Hey everyone, Password,Owned here with the first SAB trainer in a long time. This one is by my good friend YoungDragon and i do not take credit. I am posting this because so many people want SAB hacks so here it is. This is YoungDragon's v12 and was released yesturday. I have tested the hacks my self and they work great.

Click here to get it.

Also i am working on my own SAB trainer and i thought i had all spinners at one credit but it was just like the fake credit hack so I will keep finding hacks and hopelly release my v5 trainer soon. I have reload hack on it also. (of course its not what you guys are used to. It just makes it look like you are shooting like crazy but he will acctually shoot same speed as usual.)



Opitional,Cookie said...

what is his pasword?

ghjedg said...

Check out my wicked sick profile at the artistic virtual world ROBLOX